2017 Illustrious Sir Ron Bowen
2017 Illustrious Sir Ron Bowen

2017 Golf Tournament - Friday, July 21 click here for the flyer!
Spring Ceremonial: Pueblo Shrine Club May 20
Next Stated Meeting: Pueblo Shrine Club on June 09
Next Parade: Canon City - Apple Blossom on May 06  -  Link to all parades
Next Official Visit: Pueblo Shrine Club on May 05
Next Circus: May 29, 2017 - Lamar
Al Kaly Shriners: Please thank our Business Partners by patronizing their establishments!
Public Relations:The Public Relations Committee meets the second (2nd) Tuesday of the month at 10:00. Meeting location alternates between the North IHOP in Pueblo and Cokes Diner in Fountain. Call 719-570-0043 for the location of the next meeting. All are invited to attend. All are welcome and bring your thoughts on how we can help spread the public awareness about Al Kaly.
Web Fez.To register in to Web Fez go to the following web site: webfez.shrinenet.org and follow the registration instructions. Some of you are having problems with the registration, changing email addresses or passwords. If you are, email: webfezfeedback@shrinenet.org. This address is Temple Computer Support at Tampa. They will address your issue and get back to you. They are running a backlog and it may take some time to get back to you, but they will.
Nobles, Ladies: if you use Apple iCal or Google Calendar, and would like to see all upcoming events, add the Al Kaly calender! Click here for more information.
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Location: 635 West Corona, Suite 120, Pueblo, CO 81004
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